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Is this an AMD system?


On Apr 7, 2016 1:35 PM, "Dale Scheetz" <reporter@thenetworkpost.com> wrote:
Hi Robert,

I got home from Asheville around the first of February, and almost immediately came down with a staff infection...go figure...I'm feeling much better now ;-)

I used the latest installation image to try an install on my test machine, where I can provide blank media for installation and not destroy something already installed. The installation failed. I have attached a "screenshot" taken with my phone and the Genius Scan app. The motherboard is an ASUS C60-M1-I

So far I'm batting 1000 ;-)

Any ideas?



On 01/23/2016 07:51 PM, Nesius, Robert A wrote:
Hi Dale,

That���s a serious bummer, to say the least. :(�� ��Which of our images did you place on the usb drive?�� We have several types, and the one with the world ���installer��� in it should have given you a user interface.�� The provisioning image has no UI and is destructive.

We have explanations (and warnings) about these images on our Getting Started page:

With that said, the actual installer in our installer image is functional but rough around the edges with respect to conformance to typical UI behaviors (focus-changes with tab, shit-tab, etc..).�� We have a new version of the installer almost ready to release that is far more polished and elegant.

Suggestion: Make sure you are using the installer image, don���t choose ���autoinstall���.�� Try booting the installer image in a VM to make sure you���ve got the right image and it���s behaving as expected.


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I'm not sure this is the place to post but I don't have any other options.
I followed the instructions for the install pen drive creation and got it to run but was given no choice for a drive to install on. It chose the hard drive without telling me, wiped the drive and failed to install anything leaving me with a boat anchor. I had to install Windows 10, as there was no recovery partition left from the original 8.1 install.

The live image fails to boot.

So far I can't say I'm very impressed.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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