Hi Prateek,

2015-12-10 15:13 GMT+00:00 Prateek Sharma <prateek3.14@gmail.com>:
Hello everyone,
    I am running clear containers on an ubuntu 15.10 host. I am using
the docker interface. I seem to be able to launch the containers just
fine ( lkvm runs, and I can run commands inside the containers).
   However, when I try running "apt-get update" inside the containers
(ubuntu 14.04 standard docker image), I get a bunch of these errors:

lsetxattr: Operation not supported
fsetxattr: Operation not supported
Thanks for reporting this issue. We can now recreate it and are investigating the issue.

Kind regards,


Here is the lkvm processes:

0 S root      5756  4951 33  80   0 - 519842 futex_ 09:54 pts/17
00:00:03 lkvm run -c 6 -m 1024 --name
--console virtio --kernel /usr/lib/kernel/vmlinux.container --params
root=/dev/plkvm0p1 rootfstype=ext4 rootflags=dax,data=ordered
init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd systemd.unit=container.target rw
tsc=reliable systemd.show_status=false no_timer_check
rcupdate.rcu_expedited=1 console=hvc0 quiet
ip= --shmem
--network mode=tap,script=none,tapif=tb-7b65e78b9df5,guest_mac=02:42:ac:11:00:02
--9p /var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/7b65e78b9df546271d430fff56268d0c4480b182f6b7217538988a25fd12b117

Where should I start debugging this?

Thank you,
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