Resolution for the mailing list:  The installation error was caused by lack of network access.  Plugging in my network cable allowed the installation to succeed.


From: Nesius, Robert A
Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 1:41 PM
To: Edwards, Jonathan L <>;
Subject: Re: [Dev] 'ister' installation failure v5700 and v6020



Thanks for the mail, Jon. 


I'm going to do a quick test myself.  But while I do that…. 


The ister log file is on the local disk.  Either boot a live image or boot the installer and when ister fails switch to another tty and log in as root.  You should see /dev/sda is mounted somewhere – if it isn’t you can mount /dev/sda2 and look inside there for the log file I think.  The log file of interest is /var/log/ister_gui.log. 


Our "next gen" installer has a lot of usability enhancements – including a much nicer "failure screen" to help get the relevant information to the user faster in a failure case.  It's taking longer than planned for that next revision to get here so I'm going to update the existing installer to give more helpful info up front.  


If you are able to fish that log file off your system and send it to me that would be great.  I'll follow up with my test results shortly.


Thanks much,




From: Dev <> on behalf of "Edwards, Jonathan L" <>
Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 1:12 PM
To: "" <>
Subject: [Dev] 'ister' installation failure v5700 and v6020



I’ve downloaded both





and written them to a 16Gb USB stick with the “xzcat … | dd “ command from the “creating a bootable USB …” page



My hardware is an HP EliteDesk 800  (4th gen core i7-4790)



On booting,  I choose auto-installation and get the messages


Starting installation

Creating partitions

Swupd done


Ister failed…, please check the log file




There’s no log file,   any clue as to why it is failing?