Hi All,

I am trying to set number of cpus by passing --cpu-shares 1024. I.e to set one cpu for the container. But its not passing the same value to the lkvm tool. The lkvm tool still shows as 6. Can you please help me how to pass number of cpus to a container/lkvm vm?

My docker start script

sudo docker run -ti -m 128M --memory-swap 300M --cpu-shares 1024 busybox:latest

4769 root �� �� lkvm run -c 6 -m 128 --nam �� �� �� ��0 �� ��83000 �� ��83036 �� ��84672

tried even with��
sudo docker run -it --rm busybox:latest --cpuset-cpus=1

same result.

Please let me know what I am missing.

Thanks & Regards,