Ah indeed. I think for now we'll limit it to one bundle but can expand it to take multiple in the future.

On Apr 30, 2016 06:32, "fb.dev.clx" <fb.dev.clx@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

swupd bundle-remover seems to only manage one bundle at a time but one
can pass several bundles to be removed without any warning:

# swupd bundle-remove kvm-host kernel-kvm
swupd-client bundle remover
   Copyright (C) 2012-2016 Intel Corporation

Deleting bundle files...
Total deleted files: 230
Untracking bundle from system...
Success: Bundle removed


`kvm-host` bundle was removed, but `kernel-kvm` is still present in the
list of installed bundles:

$ ls -1 /usr/share/clear/bundles/kernel-kvm



-- FB
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